Seminars & Visits to institutes


The Institute organizes two types of seminars. The first type being an internal seminar which is designed to provide a forum at which members of staff exchange information gathered by various officers while on various assignments locally and abroad. They are also used to elaborate the information packages for transmission to our various clients.

The second type of seminars are usually invitational whereby the Institute responds to specific request to give talks on Intellectual Property issues. In most cases these request are made by organized formal institutions. If you would like to request us to visit you and give a talk on Intellectual Property please


This activity is firstly designed to sensitize institutions and  firms about the functions and services offered by KIPI. A second purpose of the activity is to scout and advise on protection of inventions and innovations that may be in the possession of researchers and other workers in the institutions. This is done in recognition of the fact that although a lot of research is carried out in Kenyan Universities and research institutes, very few applications for industrial property protection are received at KIPI. This may be due to either a lack of information on what may qualify for protection or it could reflect skepticism about the IP system for various reasons. It is further well known that at the work place, technicians and other personnel sometimes come up with novel methods of re-arranging the same inputs for faster, cost-effective or environmentally friendly industrial production process. These seemingly subtle changes are recognized by the Industrial Property Act and attract certificates of registration as 'technovations'. Unfortunately, most workers involved in these activities are not aware that they are innovating and do not therefore avail themselves for recognition.

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