Mass media & science congresses


The mass media (print and electronic media) has proved to be the most direct way of reaching groups of people at all levels. Both media are currently the most powerful means of information dissemination in Kenya today. We use the print media to sensitize the public about KIPI's’ functions/services and also the main activities taking place within and outside KIPI and relating to Intellectual Property. These takes the form of supplements and advertisements in the dailies.

On the side of electronic media, so far we have had our officers taking part in the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) talk shows like ‘The Professional View’ and ‘Good Morning Kenya’, where they have used the chance to inform the general public about the activities of KIPI and Intellectual Property in general. In the near future, KIPI’s outreach programme intends to launch a radio programme that will be used to disseminate information to the public. This is due to the fact that the majority of Kenyan population are accessible to the radio compared to the television transmission which is very limited and reaches mostly populations in urban centres.


This is an event that is held on an annual basis and, for may years to date, secondary schools in Kenya organize congresses on science and technology at which individual students and groups, exhibit scientific and technological projects. The event is organized from district to provincial and on to national level. Past experience garnered during attendance by the outreach group has shown that both teachers, and students take these congresses seriously and carry out research for their exhibit matter, some of which turn out to be very innovative.

Winning entries at all levels are determined using a criteria which quite often does not include considerations of novelty and non-obviousness. As a result, many potentially patentable exhibits have been disqualified at the lower echelons of the competition. In order to assist the organizers of the competitions to promote useful projects, KIPI intends to get involved in the congress right from the district level so that we can be exposed to many more exhibits that ordinarily may not make it to the national level. A more significant contribution of KIPI will be to help train congress judges in Industrial Property Rights with a view of developing an objective judging criteria. Once this has been achieved, KIPI's involvement will be minimal and largely limited to promoting innovativeness amongst the students through an awards scheme.

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