Trademark Examination


There are three stages in examination of a Trade Mark:

  1. Formality examination: this involves close checking to find out whether the right documents are filed, whether the forms included are properly filled, and the required fees is appropriately paid. It is necessary that the class should be checked against the specification and confirm that the name, description and address of the Applicant is clearly written
  2. Search : A Search is conducted to ascertain that there is no similar or closely resembling mark is on the register, otherwise the present application can be refused on that ground. If there exists a similar mark from the same applicant ordinarily an association is requested.
  3. Substantive examination : During substantive examination, the mark is examined as to its distinctiveness. Normally the applicant is requested to remove non distinctive matter and descriptive elements. Where removal of such matter may result in the loss of the identity or substantially affect the main features of the mark entry of disclaimer is normally requested. Letters, Numerals, geographical names, names of places, names of communities, general representation of human beings, words or figures common in the respective trade are normally disclaimed. Logos, emblems, flags and Marks of International Organizations are normally not registrable by anybody else except the respective Organizations or one authorized by them to do so. Generic names of products are also not registrable.

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