Designations of the Views

Designations of the Views

All the different views which make up a set of representations should be designated either as "perspective view”, "Front View", “side view”, "View of One Side", “View from Front” etc as the case may be.
No descriptive matter, apart from the designations, should be included and no indication of the size of the article should be shown.

Words, Letters and Numerals

Where words, letters and/or numerals appear in the design, the representations should carry a disclaimer of any right to their exclusive use. An example is as follows:-

"No claim is made to any right to the exclusive use of the words, letters or numerals appearing in the design".

Repeated Surface Patterns

Representations and specimens of a design which consists of a repeating surface pattern must show the complete pattern or a sufficient portion of the repeat whose length and width must not be smaller than 180 mm x 130 mm

Photograph Views

These should show the article pictured in front of a plain and contrasting background. Confusing highlights, reflections and heavy shadows should be avoided by dulling any polished surfaces and by careful arrangement of lighting. Care should also be taken to prevent undue and misleading distortion.
Particular attention should be paid, in gluing photographs onto suitable paper, to ensure that each picture is gummed right up to its edges and so makes a permanent bond with its backing sheet. Sticky tape and staples should not be used.

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